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Penang ESCAPE – Outdoor Adventure Theme Park

ESCAPE is Penang new genre of theme playground with interesting trips and tasks for everyone. ESCAPE is expected to become a world-class convenience and tourism destination that promotes a recognition of nature in an enjoyable and captivating manner.

Penang Escape Entrance

The ‘Cleaner Greener Penang’ project is noticeable all over, and there has been a massive effort in recent years to clean up the roads, market recycling and lower air pollution. Now Penang is promoting the green cause in an entire brand-new method with the opening of Malaysia’s first ecologically pleasant style playground, Escape

Penang Escape Map

Situated half an hr out of Georgetown, in the forests of the island’s northwest, Escape is not a motif playground in the typical saccharine-coated, plastic-fantastical sense. Ignore cuddly life-size animation personalities, spinning teacups, duplicate fibreglass world monuments and rollercoasters. Leave offers a completely different experience, which avoids most the values of your regular theme park.

As an alternative of attempting to ship visitors to a land of produced fantasies, it draws you into the globe that currently exists around you. The motif at Escape is ‘natural’, and the focus performs connecting with others, along with capturing a feeling of adventure. Increasing naturally out of the surrounding jungle, the park intends to be as environmentally pleasant as feasible. The standard thatched kampong-style structures that greet you when you enter the park are the genuine bargain, and the turf roofing systems, recycled water system and ‘human-powered’ tourist attractions all help the park integrate in to its organic surroundings.

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Make indisputable: you strive for your delights at Escape, and will certainly long for to actively participate, instead of rest passively and be delighted. The piece de resistance right here is Monkey Business, a collection of 3 increasingly challenging aerial attack programs. You need to crawl, clamber and claw your way around the different barriers, prior to letting your inhibitions go on the flying foxes. The altitude develops a sense of obstacle and danger, however the harnesses and protection cable make it all flawlessly risk-free and there are plenty of experienced staff participants available ahead and recover you if you obtain truly stuck. The feeling of achievement and friendship makes this far a lot more fulfilling compared to a cheap fairground thrill.

penang escape tubby racer

One more significant attraction is the Tubby Racer, where you could toss on your own down a hill in a sizable rubber tyre. Other popular tourist attractions are the bungee leap system, Atan’s Leap, as well as the Gecko Tower, where you can pit yourself against the clock, and other competitors, to transport on your own to the best of the tower as soon as possible.

There are lots of tasks to hold on to kids captivated, as well, from working out the Tots Trail, foraging for treasure at the Discovery Dig, or pressing as a result of a series of tunnels and labyrinths in Foxy Burrow. A comprehensive play area will occupy younger children, and there’s picnic locations as well as treetop day cabanas, which could be rented for in between FIFTY and 150 ringgit daily and offer a peaceful respite from all that activity and adventuring.

List of Penang ESCAPE main attraction and activities

The feel inside the playground is at once organic, but with nods to the standard theme playground in regards to the map, the names of the destinations and the general environment. Smash hits from the eighties, nineties and noughties play over the park’s loudspeakers, and there is a food court serving canned beverages (4 ringgit), bottles of water (2.50 ringgit) and fresh fruit juices (5 to 6 ringgit), as well as different Chinese, Malay and Western treats and meals including hamburgers, chick rice, spring rolls, noodles and sandwiches, for in between 8 and 16 ringgit.

The playground works with a ‘no-cash’ basis for meals purchases, so you will have to place money on an unique card, for which you pay a down payment of 5 ringgit (you could top this up if you should, and any kind of extra credit, plus the down payment, is returned at the end of your check out). No meals or drinks can be taken into the park, yet you could bring canteen and replenish these, and if you have to outlet bags and possessions, closets can be rented near the reception area for 5 ringgit.

penang escape no cashEntrance fee is 60 ringgit for grownups and 45 ringgit for under-12s and over-60s. Three to four hrs would be sufficient to obtain your money’s well worth, although if you wish to think about some leisure time and rent among the cabanas, or if you simply want to take your time and let the children run around a part, then you might effortlessly spend the day right here. Buses 101 and 102 to Teluk Bahang leave regularly from the bus station at Weld Quay, or a taxi must set you back around 60 to 70 ringgit.

In 2014, Escape will certainly be prolonged to include a waterpark and hotel, though whether these comply with the very same eco friendly style remains to be seen. In spite of this, the Adventureplay section offers a very energetic medicine if you have overdosed on way too much Penang meals and culture. The fact that it operates such exceptional concepts, and is so various to anything else in Malaysia, is reason to check out by itself. Be prepared to exhaust a bunch of energy and obtain extremely perspiring, yet if you simply long for to allow off some vapor, this truly is a gratifying way to do so.

Escape Theme Park
Jalan Teluk Bahang
11050 Penang
T: (04) 881 1106

Official Escape Website: www.escape.my

Open daily, 9:00 to 18:00

Penang Escape Entrance Fee and operating hour

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